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Grazia editor, Jane Bruton describes it as a 'Friday fashion fix' where you can see everything from the stars hitting the red carpet in full fabulousness to designers feeling the heat backstage and I-can't-believe-I-haven't-seen-this-already-but-now-I-have-I'm-sending-it-to-everyone-I-know-type clips. The format comprises of 10 hot topics ranging from fashion events, music.

It is a great way to get a quick round up of the entertainment and fashion scene. If you ignore the naff background music which cheapens the great content, then what you have is a cracking little programme. I personally think it is much better than the magazine. You can check out Grazia TV here. Labels: grazia , grazia tv , live from studio five.

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The Social Network. I was in two minds about whether to see The Social Network or The Facebook movie as it has been dubbed. However, good reviews and recommendations got me intrigued and I decided to pop along to an advanced screening at my local cinema. The Social Network is based on the court cases against Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg where he is sued by his former best friend and the Winkleviss twins for allegedly stealing their idea. The film starts off when Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg is at Harvard and after an argument with his girlfriend in which she dumps him, he returns to his room and slags her off on his blog which he turns into a site called FashMash which rates the attractiveness of the female students on campus.

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He is punished with six months academic probation but is undeterred because his site has received 22, hits in two hours. The overwhelming success of the site brings him to the attention of the wealthy Winkleviss twin brothers both played by Arnie Hammer and their sidekick, Divya Narendra played by Max Minghella. They have an idea about building a website called Harvard Connection and they want him to do the programming. He takes on the project but at the same time approaches his friend, Eduardo Saverin played by Andrew Garfield about creating a social networking site exclusively for Harvard students which will be called thefacebook.

Posted by Ondo Lady at pm 2 cool comments Links to this post. Labels: aaron sorkin , facebook film , jesse eisenberg , justin timberlake , mark zuckerberg , sean parker , the social network. Retro Review: I am officially in love with the 70s. I was originally an 80s babe as that was the era of my teens but over the last year I have become more interested in the 60s and 70s.

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The 70s were defined by disco, flares, sequined dresses, glittery make up and lip gloss. However nothing defined this decade more than Studio 54 which was the nightclub to be seen in and at its peak was the most well known nightclub in the world.

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The stories about the place were legendary such as Bianca Jagger riding into the place on a white horse, pounds of cocaine being bandied about and people having sex in full display. Studio 54 was opened by the flamboyant Steven Rubell and his silent partner Ian Schrager in and has become a huge icon in pop culture.

So it was no surprise when Hollywood made a movie about the decadent disco which was released in Labels: 54 , disco , ian schrager , ryan phillippe , steve rubell , studio Sugar and Spice by Lauren Conrad. Posted by Ondo Lady at am 0 cool comments Links to this post. Labels: la candy , lauren conrad , sugar and spice. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. It was bad enough that they were doing a follow up to one of the most iconic film of the 80s but to choose a dud to play the lead was a really bad start. I have only seen LaBeouf in one film, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen , where he played the geeky Sam Witwicky to perfection but as far as I was concerned he should not be mentioned in the same breath as the mighty Gordon Gekko.

So off I traipsed down to my local cinema to have a peep at Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps to find out if my initial concerns were right. The film commences with Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas being released from jail, now this bit is hilarious because it really demonstrates how Wall Street symbolised the era of the 80s. As with prison protocol Gekko is reunited with the possessions he walked into prison with; a rolex watch, a gold money clip and a mobile phone as large as brick.

Now this made me laugh out loud. The second bit that made me laugh was when Gekko walks out of the prison and sees a limo headed towards him which he automatically assumes is his but turns out to be for some rapper from nowhere who is being picked up by his homies. You begin to emphasise with Gekko then because not only has no-one come to pick him up, life has simply moved on without him. Posted by Ondo Lady at pm 5 cool comments Links to this post. Labels: michael douglas , shia labeouf , wall street , wall street:money never sleeps.

Posted by Ondo Lady at am 2 cool comments Links to this post.

The Clockwork Traitor

Labels: minna salami , ms afropolitan , my space. The Spin Crowd. Command PR's USP is that they set trends, reflect pop culture and influence the course of public consciousness. Simon Huck is Jonathon's second in command, pun most certainly intended and the two of them make a right pair. Jonathon is pretty highly strung and not afraid to speak his mind while Simon appreciates the art of subtly. The banter between the two guys is hilarious and Jonathon's bitchy comments crack me up.

Labels: command pr , the spin crowd. Age Is Nothing But a Number. I focus on life, culture and style but try to make sure that it's a real rather than an airbrushed or botoxed version, and that everyone I talk about is over Blogging has become a way of life and will continue to have influence — I'm a member of Handpicked Media which is a fantastic idea: an independent bloggers' collective run by Krista Madden and a team of experts. We meet up once a month to discuss financial opportunities, technical stuff and most importantly to socialize. I think blogging will continue to exist alongside mainstream media.

You come up with a lot of unique stories on your blog, how do you get your inspiration? Ah thank you, so nice of you to say — but quite a tricky question to answer! I wouldn't think of marrying till—and yet I won't say either; if I got among some of them out-and-outers—those first-rate articles—that lady, for instance, the other day in the Park—I should like to see her cut me as she did, with ten thousand a-year in my pocket!

Why, she'd be running after me! Oh, of course, I might marry whom I pleased!

8.4 Skam Feelz Part 1

Who couldn't be got with ten thousand a-year? Another pause. I think I should go abroad to Russia directly; for they tell me there's a man lives there who could dye this cussed hair of mine any color I liked—and—egad! I'd come home as black as a crow, and hold up my head as high as any of them! While I was about it, I'd have a touch at my eyebrows"—— Crash here went all his castle-building, at the sound of his tea-kettle, hissing, whizzing, sputtering, in the agonies of boiling over; as if the intolerable heat of the fire had driven desperate the poor creature placed upon it, which instinctively tried thus to extinguish the cause of its anguish.

Having taken it off, and placed it upon the hob, and put on the fire a tiny fragment of fresh coal, he began to make preparations for shaving, by pouring some of the hot water into an old tea-cup, which was presently to serve for the purposes of breakfast. Then he spread out a bit of crumpled whity-brown paper, in which had been folded up a couple of cigars, bought over-night for the Sunday's special enjoyment—and as to which, if he supposed they had come from any place beyond the four seas, I imagine him to have been slightly mistaken.

He placed this bit of paper on the little mantel-piece; drew his solitary well-worn razor several times across the palm of his left hand; dipped his brush, worn, within half an inch, to the stump, into the hot water; presently passed it over so much of [7] his face as he intended to shave; then rubbed on the damp surface a bit of yellow soap—and in less than five minutes Mr.

Titmouse was a shaved man. But mark—don't suppose that he had performed an extensive operation. One would have thought him anxious to get rid of as much as possible of his abominable sandy-colored hair.

Quite the contrary! Every hair of his spreading whiskers was sacred from the touch of steel; and a bushy crop of hair stretched underneath his chin, coming curled out on each side of it, above his stock, like two little horns or tusks. An imperial— i. Titmouse had been compelled to sacrifice some time before, to the tyrannical whimsies of his vulgar employer, Mr. Tag-rag, who imagined them not to be exactly suitable appendages for counter-jumpers.

Thus will it be seen that the space shaved over on this occasion was somewhat circumscribed. This operation over, he took out of his trunk an old dirty-looking pomatum pot. A modicum of its contents, extracted on the tips of his two forefingers, he stroked carefully into his eyebrows; then spreading some on the palms of his hands, he rubbed it vigorously into his stubborn hair and whiskers for some quarter of an hour; afterwards combing and brushing his hair into half a dozen different dispositions—so fastidious in that matter was Mr.