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Trust your thoughts and emotions. They push you where you have to bee. I love you! Hope to find my true Love and to follow the right path.

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Jus recently saw the number Holy fucking Omfg like wtf!! This is a 1st everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! So one time I had a number I was seeing, when I saw the post about it, the phrase "be careful what you wish for" It was very upsetting since I was overanalyzing. The thing is not necessarily true but is at the same time. A person commented by giving place to negative thoughts and not immediately refocusing our internal dialogues we could unintentionally be inviting bad things to happen. Personally I think the future is laid out.

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The universe just seems way to detailed and intricate so complex I see the science as a sort of plan. So do I believe in manifesting? I am a believer in thoughts having energy and power. I just think we are human. As such we are as the other poster put it perfectly imperfect. Humans work best as a herd. I'm sure that sounds like I'm minimizing our lives. I feel each of us was born to love, to accept love and to give it in return. The flaws we have provide opportunities for us to get closer to each other. I wish I could get the point across I never feel I know anything, I'm always learning.

Also wether or not they want to admit it. So is everyone else. Going through many massive changes in my life. I come to realize the only reason behind disappointment and pain is because I allowed the energy to enter my life. I figured my path had been paved and time has shown me that I am not meant to fix peoples vehicles to get to where they need to be.

My soul purpose in life is to help on the emotional and mental side of people young and old. I have taken the steps to opening the door to a great chance to help and that is education. I will return to this number and write my progress. I choose to do so because even if things are good I can still help by using joannes blogg. Thank u Joanne. For severals years i have used your blog and it has helped and encouraged me. If you think you do not have any support. Realize you do at the tips of your fingers. Blogs is a start. Peace love honesty and light. In 13 days a lot has changed because of my past decisions I am unable to go back to school, how ever I already have a diploma and experience to know that just because one door closed it does not mean there is not another one i can go through.

Instead i need to walk down the hall until i find that door and only i can decide if that door is for me. Road blocks happen and there is always a way around if open and honest with your self. I had a dream of finding a gold coin with the number on it,there were several silver coins also. They were buried but the gold coin was the most important,as a man said it is of great value as the the year date on it was I finally got the answer as to why I always see this number almost everyday On the clock, o my phone, on the computer, and also on my wrist watch It's been like almost two years.

Thanks and Godbless us Angels :. I find this absolutely amazing. I would see this number everywhere. Clocks,license plates,articles etc. I broke up with the love of my life and was in a 16 year abusive relationship. Had 3 girls. A year later crossed paths with the love of my life which made 17 years later on the day my dad died. I hope we have a great year but no matter what I am truly blessed!! I'm sorry angels, but after electing Trump, humanity can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. I've worked all my life in very hostile places to be of service, to do the right thing, I've been treated like dirt, I've gone through a lot of things that a lot of people would have run from.

I don't want awards or recognition, which works out well, because no one has ever been moved to give me any. All I ask is that people try to do the right thing, make an effort.

Forget it. People are spoiled cowards, thoughtless, reckless, hidebound, ignorant and stupid.

That's who elected him. This isn't a political matter. It's a moral one. To see that sacrilege Franklin Graham glorifying that worm, and in the name of Christ? It's all gotten to be a bit too much for me.

If it is true that we choose to come back to this planet to be of service because we think we can help, then I have to be the biggest jackass in all of creation. I'm sorry for your difficult times and the pain that you have gone through in your life. Not ALL of humanity are spoiled, cowards, thoughtless and etc They are all for lessons, learning and growth. I believe that the enemy and negativity is fighting so hard because your breakthrough and positive is coming.

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Energy attracts like energy. Positive comes to the positive and negative comes to the negative.

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Pray for positive. Ask to see positive in the world.

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God is still in control. The Angels are still with you. God won't leave you, he is on your side and he still loves you. Don't be afraid Of course all people suffer but only a handful learn from it. And I'm disgusted with the rest.

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But I wanted to point this out -- energy doesn't only attract like energy, positive energy most certainly attracts negative energy -- it provokes it, it antagonizes it, and it bears assault from it. We need to be positive, but it's a fight that needs to be fought. Telling people otherwise makes people think that they are doing something wrong when they aren't.

You are asking for it when you do the right thing, you have to pay a price -- that's why so many people don't do it. And there's a lovely quote from an author whose name is too long and difficult for me to remember how to spell right now: many think they have kind hearts who only have weak nerves. Bless you.