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You are holding a handkerchief belonging to a man of God, a man who believes God is about to answer prayer for you and me as we pray together. Place this "faith handkerchief" in your bible and believe, as I do, that the window of heaven are about to open for the meeting of your needs. Rex Humbard. Peter Popoff This was the first piece of mail I received after phoning his answering machine and leaving my name and address ONLY as noted to the right.

I never told him any of "my special needs" yet he carries on like he had me over for Sunday dinner! Such mail is generated by computers from a data base and truly churns the stomach. From Peter Popoff: December I have been praying and listening for God's Word concerning your needs and your special blessing. I've heard the voice of the Lord concerning these needs and also another need that you have in your life. Brother Smith , God has kept you on my heart.

God has awakened me at night and I have sat up in my bed with tears running down my cheeks, crying out to God for You! You must listen to me. I said, "Lord, You sent the Smith family to me. I know You did. I am praying for You to send to the Smith family the same kind of blessing, the same kind of great miracle, that only You can send. I know as surely as You honored the faith and obedience of Your servant Paul, Your anointed instrument for his generation, and.. Lord, I ask you to do it again. Send the same kind of miracle this time for John.

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Let your miracle power flow to Main. Through this anointed Faith Handkerchief let great miracles start happening in Chicago. John , God spoke to my heart and mind and said, "Send the Smith family your anointed faith handkerchief just like the apostle Paul sent out handkerchiefs in Acts 12 if you really want the Smith 's to be blessed. If I moved for the apostle Paul, I will also move for the Smith family for I am no respecter of persons. Now I want you to print your name on it.

It is a must! I must have your name on my handkerchief! Acts says: "And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them and the evil spirits went out of them. I use the word "loan" because I must send my faith handkerchief to another family who has a need after you use it and print your name on it.

Please do not keep my handkerchief! I must send it to another family when you send it back. You will not need it after tonight, John. Here are the faith steps you are to take, in Jesus' Name: 1. Print your name in the center of my handkerchief. Yes, either print or write your name. John , open your Bible to Acts, Chapter 19, Verses 11 and Lay my faith handkerchief with your name printed on it on this scripture and leave it there for tonight only.

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Only one night without fail. Please, Brother Smith , in the morning get my "Faith Bible Handkerchief out of your Bible, place it into this self addressed envelope and return it to me. I will pay the postage for you. This is so important! I repeat, do not keep this "Faith Handkerchief" and please do not break this flowing of God's spirit from my home here in Upland to your home there in Chicago.

Rush my "Faith Handkerchief", which I have felt led to loan you tonight, back to me for I must write you something in the Spirit that is coming to your door. I must take this handkerchief with your name on it and hold it in my hands and pray a special prayer for you. I feel a special miracle for you and someone you love.

Right now, I am asking you to get out your largest bill. God sees your sacrifice, and it will be a sacrifice. God sees. It may be a check. But step out in faith and give it to the work of Jesus Christ as a seed.

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Now give God a sacrificial offering. Give your biggest bill or check. And ask God for His best blessings to be bestowed upon you. The Holy Spirit is in this letter and is speaking to you now while you read these words. Please obey the Holy Spirit.

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The greater your sacrifice, the greater your blessings. I am waiting on this powerful "Faith Handkerchief" back from you. Peter Popoff.

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  • I am sending you this letter as always I will minister to you anointed by the gifts of the spirit You must not, in Jesus' name, lay this letter aside. Wait just one minute God just spoke to me to anoint my hands with Holy Oil as I type this letter As you read on you may think, REV. Praise God. The Holy Spirit just spoke this to me I see you praying concerning divine guidance for your life. Has someone hurt you this way? Is someone doing this to you?


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    Is something upsetting your peace? Things are going to turn around this year for you. Did I not speak unto l Gideon and select the ones that would work with him to bring about the miracle? I have joined thee with this ministry, I have selected thee, I have chosen thee, just as I have given thee this sign I shall give unto ,thee another sign, for, yea, did not Gideon place a fleece before me, and I did answer. I have not changed, I am a god that still answers with signs, wonders and miracles. Just as I delivered the enemy into the hands of Gideon and those I selected, I shall deliver think enemies into think you hands.

    Enemies that desire to hinder thy finances, enemies that have desired to hinder thy health from coming forth and yea, enemies that have desired to hinder thy peace, love and happiness. Put a fleece before me and I shall show thee that I am a god who still answers with signs, wonders and miracles. And yea for forty years I did keep Gideon in peace and his enemies could not touch him, and I would say unto thee, dost thou not believe that I can keep thee in peace? I can keep thee and think enemies can not touch thee For these steps shall lead thee into a decade of reaping, and I shall fill thy barns with plenty, thy debts shall be paid, think enemies shall be brought to naught, and thou shall be in peace saith god.

    Glory, I know you can feel this. Wait a minute Something is about to happen. We are going to stop Satan in his tracks. I must obey God, we must obey God. He said, He would give me the exact plan to build it just as He gave to Moses in Deut By the time you get this letter I will have built the altar. HERE'S you must do. I must have it back here no later than the 29th [webmaster note: this letter arrived on the 30th! Did you hear me? THEN ask Him to return it to you fold. Yes, I feel fold. Seed you sow, is the harvest you grow.

    I feel a fold blessing is coming It concerns pain you feel in your spirit and body you told me about It's about AM and I was praying over the need for you that I have typed above in the large type. I feel I am so near a breakthrough for you. While in prayer I felt an urging of the Holy Spirit to get up from my knees and go to the window I thought it's still dark outside and I can't see anything in the darkness. John , then God's voice came to me so plain In the middle of this great lighted area I saw a beautiful gold cloud.

    I know you do! The house was quiet and everyone else was asleep but I went back to my place where I had been kneeling in prayer Here is what it said This is it!